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About Me

Jayce Ghoul is a Latin-American actor and content creator based out of Tacoma, WA.

Jayce's adventures in acting began in March of 2020 and he is on a mission to play with big shots of the industry. His range is described by clients as inspiring, exuberant, and confident. 

His passion for the field has led to roles in various fields including animations, narrations, indie games, and more. Whether you are looking for a prodigal hero, cocky antagonist, or your friendly next door neighbor - Jayce is always excited to contribute and would love the opportunity to bring your story to new heights!

In his free time, Jayce works as a competitor and coach in fighting games. He works to bring rising stars and raise the next generation of fighters. His love of performance has him on a journey exploring all aspects of the field of acting, pursuing it full speed ahead.

Outside of the competitive aspects, Jayce enjoys gaming, singing, and exercise. He is dedicated to his passions and seeks to go to the next level. He strives to one day be able to have his passions be the provider for his family in the future.

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